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Good Chats suggests someone to chat to based on your profile. Once a suggestion is made you can either accept or decline to chat with that person.

Got a few minutes to kill? Tired of the same old chats? Try chatting with someone new. After you end the chat, you give each other a rating out of 5 based on...whatever you want really.

All chats are deleted as soon as they end, everything is anonymous, offensive chat gets blocked, and people with bad chat get filtered out.

The lowest ranked chatter at the end of each hour gets a lifetime ban, and once a month we ban the lowest ranked 1%. Creepy people, sales people, "check out my sexytime bedroom pics" people etc will all be deleted eventually and it will just be you and other interesting, fun, people.

The better your chat rating, the better chatters you get connected to. So how good is your chat?


Introduce yourself with three words that describe your interests. What are your words?

Learn some stuff

Everyone has something interesting to say. What could you learn about? Or teach?

Swap stories

We all have a ripping story or ten. What is yours? Practice telling your stories here, then put your phone down and tell people in real life.

Fleeting connections

Get something off your chest, tell a secret, ask for advice. All chats are instantly deleted. Offensive chat is blocked, and you can report bad people.

Y tho?

I have a theory. I believe that 99.9% of people are good, interesting, kind, and fun. But the internet has done something strange to us. Something happens when we get into mobs, when we try to get likes, when we use social media to compare our behind the scenes to everyone else's greatest hits.

We start to believe that people are bad. Or scary. Or better than us. Or worse than us.

But that hasn't been my experience with people when it's just two of us having a chat. We are all just people. And people are great. You are a people, and I bet you are super great. So let's chat. Let's put aside race, location, age, gender, money, and all the other things that stop us from making a genuine connection. Let's break out of the internet bubbles we've made for ourselves on social media.

Social media has connected us all, but it has done so in a way which has placed us all in a big room where we shout for attention. And those who don't get attention (or likes, or retweets) feel stink. That sucks.

Let's try something different. Let's chat one on one with each other. Let's give each other points just for being interesting, and kind, and fun. Let's ban the creeps, and the jerks, and the shouters, and the salespeople.

Let's see if we can learn how to make genuine connections again, purely with Good Chats

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